Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Memories

Today I decided to post about some good memories I have. I am thinking of a vacation we took to Yosemite National Park. We rented the cabin pictured above. We have always enjoyed the best of family times up in the Sierra's. No TV, no phone, just the 4 of us playing games at the kitchen table in the evenings. Cooking in the tiny kitchen making simple meals that seem fabulous. The fresh mountain air, the wildlife, the stars in the night sky, the running streams and waterfalls, all of God's glory sweeps us away.

There is one special day that I remember well and I never want to forget. It was the day we took a hike up the side of a mountain to a lake that not many people see. When we got to the top of the mountain we could see the valley below for miles. The mountains were gorgeous, the sky so blue. We sat at the top and had a small lunch before we continued on. Once we got over the other side of the mountain, there was the lake in all it's splendor. Because it was so high up and untouched, it was still covered in ice. It was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen.

I hope you have enjoyed my memory. I will share more of them as they come. Today I had dinner cooking in the crock-pot so I had time to listen to some old Christian music and sing my heart out. It felt so good. Well, ta-ta for tonight, I am going to go on an evening walk with my sons. Goodnight!

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Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing your happy memory. It sounds like a dream! I love the peacefulness and beauty of God's lovely Creation.