Thursday, September 18, 2008


Here is my dining table all decked out with a sunflower theme. I really enjoy sunflowers. Today when I went to our local Trader Joe's market, they had sunflowers displayed out front. A bunch of them cost only $3.49! They have plain yellow sunflowers and they have ones with a bit of Autumn tint to them (as in the picture below) . I love them all of course.

Eric did great with his studies today. Brandon was a wee bit of a challenge, but we got through the rough spot. Actually it was a very good day of homeschooling today. Even though I am not feeling tip-top, I was able to make a pot of my famous cream of potato soup for lunch. After dinner I treated myself to some "me" time over at Target. Bought myself a couple bottles of nail polish to paint my toenails. I got a pretty red color for Autumn and then a glitter polish to put on top. Mark said he likes the color so that makes it even more special. LOL
Tomorrow the boys go to school. After I drop them off I will go pick up my new glasses. I don't know what got into me, but I chose blue frames this time. I thought they looked more modern and up to date. They are the flex kind, which I really do like that kind of frame. Well, I am going to end here for tonight, I need to get some sleep.


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Sharon said...

Hi Becky,

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and that I'll be back soon to read more. Thank you for your prayers for Carissa! :)

Have a blessed weekend!