Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to School

Well, school has officially started and along with it the viruses. Earlier, I posted that Eric had come down with a cold his first day back at school. Sunday he felt worse so he stayed in. Monday evening, Brandon came down with the cold and he is feeling pretty miserable right now. He is on the sofa watching TV and blowing his nose. He is missing Boy Scouts tonight. I myself have been experiencing some symptoms, but nothing as bad as the boys. If I am going to get this bug, I hope that I do soon so I can get it over with before I have surgery. I don't want to have to reschedule. Anyway, Vicks, Hals, Mucinex and Kleenex have been hanging around the house. And I have been brewing cups of herb tea with apple juice (it always feels good on the throat).

Monday was our first day of hitting all the books. We homeschool through a private school called Spirit Academy. The boys have class two days a week (Tuesday & Friday) and the rest of the time they are at home. We have an agenda to follow for the week. We teach a couple classes totally at home. Mark teaches math and I teach history. Although, I am not teaching Brandon history this year. Next year Eric will take geography at the school because it is too complicated for me and I will teach Brandon. I managed to get Eric through the first chapter already. I graded all his papers, maps, etc. He's got a B- so far. We have been learning together, we learned that the purpose of government is to restrain evil and uphold sanctity of life. Pretty awesome lesson!

Yesterday, was my phone conference with the anethesiologist. It went really well. I did ask him if I caught a cold should I reschedule surgery. He said unless I had a fever and cough, no. I was glad to hear that, because I do not want to have to draw things out. But, I do want to be healthy when I go in. Today I went and got my blood work done. It has always been hard for the techs to find a vien, but ever since what happened last year, it is even harder. They have to stick me in the middle of my arm or the back of my hand. Sticking in the middle of the arm stings, but it isn't a big deal compared with having an internal cyst drained or a respirator. Then sometimes the vein doesn't want to give blood. Today I got by with one stick. Yeah! I parked at the very top of the parking structure and climbed the stairs up. I did good, I am so proud that I am stronger now. When I got to the top, I found police and paramedics next to my car. A man had parked next to my car and he collapsed after getting out of his vehicle. At least he was at the medical center and they could take him right to the hospital. It was just sort of shocking to see someone on the ground, but he was being well cared for. Poor man.

Well, I better get back to work, I hear the laundry and the dishes calling me.


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