Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Well, with only two of us at home (me and Eric, pictured above) it has been a quiet weekend. Mark and Brandon went camping up near Big Bear with the scout troop. Eric's cold moved down into his chest, which kicked up his asthma. Mark and I decided it was best he not go camping. Mark called in the morning and let me know him and Brandon got to camp alright. He said they got in to camp late and he himself did not get to bed till 1 am. Also, it was cold, down to 41 degrees. Brrr. Good thing I kept Eric home.

Since I have not been feeling well myself, Eric and I spent the whole day at home resting. I kept napping off and on all day. The both of us have enjoyed doing things together, like cleaning up the kitchen after meals, watching some movies and talking. We also cooked dinner together. We made a sour cream rice casserole that had zucchini and tomato in it. It was delicious and we both had seconds. Eric's chest is finally loose and he was coughing stuff up all day, he has not needed to take his asthma medicine and I am so glad.

I hope Brandon is doing alright. He had the cold in his head when he left for camp. He has a pretty strong immune system, plus he does not have asthma like Eric. I sent medicine along with him so hopefully it is helping. He was so excited to go to camp. I think it has been good for the boys to be apart this weekend. Eric has needed the rest (although I sense Eric misses his pesky little brother...LOL). Tomorrow Mark and Brandon will be home, along with all their dirty camp laundry. The socks are always the worst. ;-)


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