Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a day!

I knew today might be challenging, but I did not expect many of the things that happened today.  It was one of those days where things happened one right after the other.

I woke in the morning and worked hard to get the house neat as a pin for the appraiser.  After that I was off to see my PT (and this time on the right day).  Anyway, the past few days I have been in quite a bit of pain in my tummy.  Eating is causing pain, no way around it.  It has been hurting so much that I have been skipping meals.  I told my PT how much pain I am in and that I am skipping meals again.  She said that isn't good because I am already skinny.  Anyway, what she did today felt so good and helped, but then I eat and the pain comes back.  She and I are in agreement about what is going on with me, which I feel relieved about that.  She said that the function of my bowel is off and that with all the work she has done it should be functioning better, but it isn't.  She said that something is preventing my bowel from functioning properly.  So it is looking more and more like the only answer is surgery.  Even so, I am going to continue PT through December and January.  We will see what God does.

After my PT appointment, I rushed home and the appraiser was already there.  I am thankful that my husband and our realtor were there to meet him.  We should know the results by the middle or end of next week. While Mark and I were talking to our realtor I got a phone call and it was Brandon.  He was in the school nurse's office because he fell down while at PE, hit his head and blacked out.  He did not want to come home, but the nurse said since he blacked out, he has to.  Thankfully he is doing fine, except for a headache.  I am blessed that he is okay.

Later, I picked up Eric from school and went to return an item to Costco. While there I noticed some cool fully lined sweat jackets. Knowing Eric needs more warm things for Colorado I had him try one on and he loved it.  Well, somehow during that time I dropped my jacket and didn't know it.  When I was at the check out my Mom called, she said she got a new cell phone, but she couldn't get it to work.  Since we were not far from her house I told her we were on our way.  The sun was going down and it felt cold so Eric put his new jacket on.  While driving I realized I was cold and wondered where my jacket was.  We had to go back to Costco.  I gave Eric my membership card so he could run in, find the jacket and then leave.  Well, I had to park the car because it was taking him longer than anticipated.

When we finally found each other in the parking lot, Eric had a tale to tell.  Some of the store staff noticed he was wearing that new jacket and approached him.  They were thinking he was a shoplifter because they asked him if he paid for the jacket.  Eric said he had 3 employees around him, one being a big burly man that was scary.  Thankfully, one of the clerks in the clothing area remembered Eric and me and knew that we bought the jacket.  So funny to know that people are watching us when we do not even know.  After all that excitement it was a good thing that my mom's cell phone fix was as easy as pressing two buttons.

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