Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Strong Feelings

Today I went to a luncheon & meeting at Mark's office.  The meeting was about the move to Denver.  I met all the people that are going.  Management was there and everyone asked questions and got answers.  Going to that meeting got me all worked up about the unknowns.  How everything is going to work out, etc.  It scares me, but the Lord reminded me that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above anything I ask or think.  That comforted me and I have decided to leave it all with Him.  Everyone was joking about the weather, because even though we are having a cold snap here in Southern California, Denver is much colder.  As I drove around I started to notice how green it is here and flowers that are blooming.  I have always taken it all for granted, only now do I realize how blessed I have been to enjoy such beauty.  Then I got a really strong feeling that I do not want to leave, stronger than I have had before.

Unfortunately, I think I am coming down with a cold.  Certainly, I have been under a lot of stress.  Tomorrow is the inspection with the buyers, I am hopeful that after a good night's rest I will be feeling well enough to get through the day.


Cherie said...

Oh it has been soooo cold here. Even those of us who are used to the cold are colder than cold. It hurts the skin within minutes of being out there. I do think you should pray about those feelings. Dont cover them up but instead go into the prayer closet with the Lord to find out what this is all about. It is good that we follow the leader of the family but far more important to follow our creator. I will be praying for you.

jAne said...

(*(*( hug )*)*)

Holding you in my thoughts and prayers, on this journey of transition.

The first flower of spring will be great cause for celebration. There will be a new normal and a new excitement - trust Him in that.

Bless you dearly,
jAne * tickleberry farm