Friday, December 18, 2009


Today we spent the day exploring the west side of the Denver area.  It is cold with snow and ice on the ground in places and the trees are bare and gray (not my cup of tea).  We saw a frozen pond, a deer and Canadian geese which was wonderful.  Our day was full of sunshine and meeting new people.  While out and about we were able to view two rental homes.  The first home was in a desired area, but the home itself was not in good condition.  The second home was in decent condition, but it was a far distance from where Mark will be working.  As I toured the 2nd home I began crying.  I just cannot get into this whole Colorado thing.  I want warm, green California and my Little Blue Cottage.  I want it to feel like Christmas, but being here in Denver doesn't make that happen.

The interesting thing is that at each house I found a penny.  What does this mean?  Well, the Lord and I have an agreement that whenever I find a penny it means He is with me.  So finding these pennies was not a coincidence. Then when we got back to the room a girlfriend called and encouraged me.  So in every way the Lord is sustaining me.  Tomorrow is another day to explore and find a place to live.


Candy♥ said...

Thanks for the recent comment :) You are a sweetie!

Sorry to hear that being in Colorado is upsetting for you and that you miss California so much :(
Maybe just look at the move as a temporary thing. Because after all you may not end up staying there more than a year or couple years or even 5 years because you never know what the Lord has in store for you all. He may move you back to CA in 4-5 years and whats 4-5 years of not being in CA. You can always visit CA and take vacations there.
I know its easy for me to say this :) especially because I have never been attached to anything or any place my whole life and spent my life moving. Ive lived in over 50 different homes (no exaggeration) since I was a little girl.
But maybe try looking at it as a temporal move if you continue to find that you miss CA so much and maybe that might help?

Sharon said...

How wonderful about the pennies! God will lead you to the right house, just like He has lead you through everything else so far. I know how difficult it is to up and move away from family and friends and go to a place where you know no one, but if we had not moved I would not have known the many blessings that have been found in our new hometown. Wonderful new friends who treat us like family. Then four years later my parents moved up to be close to us!!!! Was I ever thrilled!!!
Becky, just KNOW that the Lord has GOOD things in store for you and your family and let Him lead you to those blessings. My prayers are with you! May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

fairmaiden said...

A penny for good luck!

He is with you...that is all you need.