Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving On

I am sitting at my computer in my Little Blue Cottage knowing that I only have two more months to live here.  Yes, our counter offer was accepted and signed Tuesday morning.  In the afternoon, Mark had the pleasure of meeting the sweet family that is buying our house.  They are a young couple with a little boy.  The husband is a veteran.  Mark said that they are very happy with the house and that they stayed visiting for quite some time.  While they were visiting I was having lunch with a girlfriend.  She and I met when I moved into the Little Blue Cottage 18 years ago.  She was my neighbor across the street.  We used to watch each others homes and pets while we were away on trips.  I sometimes babysat her girls and her girls babysat my boys.  As I remember all my many years of blessing here at the cottage, I pray that the new little family will be blessed as we have been.

My PT appointment went very well.  She hit all the major spots today.  We are getting closer to what may be going on in there.  She has discovered that I have some scar tissue around my diaphragm on the right that is causing the pulling or pressure I feel on that side of my ribcage.  She did some deep tissue massage there and it hurt like mad.  Then she did some lifting of the tissue and I realized that I could breath more freely.  I do not like to think about the mess inside my body, I just try to focus on the Lord.  My PT is not sure about the left side yet, but is confident that there are some things adhesed together.  She is going to try and break this tissue up so as to free up organs to function better.

In the evening I joined my men at a scouting event.  They were all so happy I came.  We went bowling!  It was a great way to end our day.


Cherie said...

Becky, the other day I thought of you being so blessed in this economy to have your house sell so quickly. It reminds me that the Lord takes care of his children. He takes care of you and me. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope to meet you so that we can talk about some of the moments you have touched my life. You will love Colorado. Start buying some winter clothing!

Sue said...

Wow! That was a quick sell! I am so happy for you, because although selling your sweet little place and moving is hard, it would be much worse if you had to move yet couldn't get it sold. You don't need that stress, and God was so good to protect you from it!

I did not know that physical therapists could do such things. I hope you will have some relief, and that it's not too painful. When my arthritis was really terrible I had to go to PT too. My therapist and I always joked that PT doesn't stand for Physical Therapy, but for Physical Torture. It did help me a lot, though, and I hope it does you as well. ((hugs)) said...

i've been reading your blog, but each time i go to comment something happens to my signal!! oh its been frustrating!! Well anyway, I am rejoicing with you over the impending sale. Yes, its going to be a new journey, but I'm confident God has a good plan for your life!! Thank Heavens you are getting out of the deal well :-) We women tend to be influenced by our emotions. Don't let your emotions rob you of this huge victory. You're getting out well and beginning an exciting adventure together. You've had many happy days there, but God has a new plan now. Focus on that. Don't let the devil rob you of your joy. God is blessing you :-)
I just wanted to encourage you. I'm glad you like the new people and hope the transition goes well.