Monday, November 23, 2009

More Wow!

Tonight as I sit and type this post, I can hear my wind chime ringing.  The Santa Ana Winds are kicking up again.  It certainly has been very dry here in Southern California.

Well, we had two buyers look at our house today, one in the morning and one in the evening.  In the afternoon our agent came by and informed us that we had another offer.  This one was also over our asking price.  I am overwhelmed by the Lord's kindness to us!  Today Mark and I countered one of the offers.  I am nervous.  Once we settle the offer, there will be a home inspection to get through and the appraisal. It is nerve racking because each little piece feels like a domino and if any piece wavers, it could fall and knock all the other dominos down with it.  The Lord knows and all is in HIS control.

I have been in pain since last week.  The past few days I have been in a lot of discomfort.  Tomorrow I am seeing my PT so I will let her know.  Also, I got a call from my GP.  She let me know that my bone scan results came back.  I still have osteopenia.  Having a complete hysterectomy at age 37 and not taking estrogen replacement does that.  The good news is that osteopenia does not always lead to osteoporosis.


Susan said...

Wow! How do you make a counteroffer on an offer higher than your price - ask for more? I love it for you guys :) Also glad to know ostopenia can be stopped and/or not go to osteoporosis - how do you do that? I am praying you'll feel better today!

jAne said...

Another offer! Oh wow. The Lord surely has this in His capable hands, Becky. Praying...

I'm also praying for your health. How nice it would be for a few of us bloggie-friends to pop by with healthy food and quiet cheer to see you through a bit.

jAne * tickleberry farm

Candy♥ said...

:) yay! so glad to hear about the above asking price offers!! :)
sorry to hear your in pain again though :( I will say a prayer for you right now!