Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raindrop Roses

It rained steady all night and I woke up to a wonderland of crystal studded roses. I like how some of the roses gently bow their heads as if they are praying.

I had been resting as much as possible and felt quite good yesterday. I decided to use my energy to do a bit of cleaning which I guess was not the right thing to do as I am feeling unwell again. This flu has weakened my body so much that I am having a hard time regaining my strength. The only thing I can do is rest, which day after day can be hard. Sometimes I just want to get out of the house.

Tuesday nights the guys go to Boy Scouts. I decided to slip out to a movie. I adore seeing a movie by myself and I've been wanting to see the movie Bright Star (which is rated PG). It is based on the life of the poet John Keats and his romance with Fanny Brawne. I thought the movie was beautiful. The cinematography was gorgeous, the costumes, especially the dresses of Fanny were beautiful and of course the poetry quoted was romantic. However it was a very tragic romance! At the end tears flooded my eyes and spilled over in a rush. Coming away I felt a bit depressed, but I think it is worth seeing for the beauty. Coming soon will be a movie about the young Queen Victoria and her romance with her husband. I am looking forward to seeing it as it is also rated PG.


jAne said...

I'm wanting to see this movie so thank you for the review, Becky. :o) It's playing at a theatre in the next city but I don't really want to go alone. May ask Fairmaiden to join me.

jAne at tickleberry farm said...

oh those rose pictures turned out lovely!! I wish my camera could do that :-)
A chick flick sounds like fun. Wish i could pop over and watch it with you!!

fairmaiden said...

Your raindrops on roses are beautiful. I have not heard of that movie. I will have to go see it. Romance is my favorite especially if the scenery is beautiful. And I did not know about the young Queen Victoria movie coming out soon. Thanks for letting us know.

This flu is a bad one, please continue to take it easy till you are completely well.