Saturday, October 10, 2009

Had to Rest

I over did things on Friday, too much too soon. With me still not being over the remains of the flu, I just don't have my spunk back. Friday, I forced myself to change my bed covers and move in my new nightstand. That involved a lot of work and I got a horrible backache in the evening. At the end of the day it was very nice to crawl into a clean bed, but I was so overtired that I felt horrible. So this morning I made the decision to rest.

This is a picture I took last weekend, after my fever broke. I had not been outside for a couple of days so I went in the backyard to enjoy the cool blustery autumn day. I remember wishing I was well so I could cook a meal for my men. Today, I did some cooking, but my skills were not in top form. I did alright with lunch, but dinner, well, it could have been better. The veggie stew came out fine, but my biscuits were a bit over baked. For dessert we had burned pumpkin pie. Even so my men were happy campers.

My mother in-law called today. My father in-law finished up his last treatment for his cancer. They are coming by to visit on Sunday before heading for home. They are going to return some dishes that I lent them to use at their rental home. I am hoping they won't mind a messy house. I haven't felt like getting things in complete order. At least the boys got the lawn mowed front & back and the car washed. That helps. And Eric helped me put up my some of my autumn decorations on the porch and in the garden. I still have more decorations to put up in the house, but haven't gotten to that yet. Oh, and my flowerbeds need work, but that will have to wait.


jAne said...

Your bed looks oh so inviting. Cozy, comfy and restful. Rest some more, Becky, you don't want a redo of illness.

Love your nightstand!

... I'm sure your in-law's won't mind a "well loved" home right now. Their focus will be on you and yours. :o)

Bless you,
jAne at tickleberry farm

Candy-faith said...

That is the prettiest bedroom I ever seen! Honestly. said...

oh i am so sorry you have been under the weather!! i will say a prayer for you for sure :-) May you be strengthened according to Psalm 91, Isaiah 53 and First Peter 2:24. May God arise big on your behalf healing and energizing you :-) Until then, rest and practice the presence of God in your life. Get well soon!!!