Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Visit With the Realtor

Our real estate agent is a very nice man, however, he did not have good news for us. There are a lot of foreclosures and short sales in our area. Many of these homes have sold for low prices thus bringing down what we can get for our house. Granted, most of the houses that are selling are not in good shape or just a shell. We have some cosmetic repairs, but our house is in good shape and so he is thinking we can ask a bit more for it. There is just no telling which way the market is going to go.

We talked with him for 2 1/2 hours. At one point while talking about our situation tears came to my eyes. Basically, we are going to lose everything. At best we will walk away owing nothing. There is also the possibility that we will have to walk away owing some money thus draining our savings. Or take a ding to our credit by entering into a short sale. It is time for us to walk by faith not by sight. We definitely need prayer!!!


jAne said...

((( Becky )))

I have no words of wisdom but do extend a virtual embrace and prayer breathed heavenward.

jAne at tickleberry farm

Becky said...

Dear jAne, thank you so much for your kind words, they mean so much. said...

God is faithful!! i was in the same position just a couple of years ago. God supernaturally changed the circumstances. He can do it for you too!! Pray and ask for wisdom and do whatever He says to do. Use your faith and don't allow yourself to entertain fear. What looked like a financial disaster for us turned into a blessing, and growth. You can do this. Anoint your house with oil and proclaim it blessed. Find good scriptures to stand on and be aggressive in your faith. All things are possible with God.

Candy-faith said...

I will pray about this request!
Yes, walk by Faith Becky! Thats the only way!