Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Paradise Pool and Men

I know, this title does not sound quite right for a Christian blog. Well, sincerely, if you read on you will see why the title is appropriate.

We decided to hang around home today since both the boys have colds. Both of them need to rest, but whether they will is a different story. Anyway, I decided it would be a good day to make some Thai chicken soup. I learned how to make this soup from my Thai friend Hong. I started it in the morning. While I was working on that, Eric decided to blow up my pool. Yes, a blow up pool for $14.98 +tax. The weather channel warned that there was going to be a horrible heatwave this week. I really hate the heat and we do not have any decent air conditioning so with that in mind I snagged myself a pool amongst the summer clearance items at Target. Anyway, my son set up a little oasis for me in the backyard and my husband helped him.

In the afternoon I got to feeling a bit warm so I slipped on my suit and went and enjoyed my little paradise pool (Good name, don't ya think?) Anyway, I got in the cool water and had a nice time soaking. There was a slight breeze from the ocean and the birds were singing. It was nice! I got out and sat in the sun. As I sat there I was enjoying the wonderful aroma of something cooking. It smelled like chicken. Then it finally dawned on me that it was my cooking and I had forgotten about my soup! So I quick ran into the kitchen and stood over a rapidly boiling pot. Sigh. Fortunately, I had not ruined it and was able to save it. It looks wonderful. Then I made some coconut pudding. Yum!

Yesterday my men were at work in the garage. The garage is their domain simply because it is always a mess. I hate going in there and whenever I see it I cringe. Sometimes I open my mouth and start ordering men around. This does not create happy men, rather it creates grumpy men. So most times I look the other way. Okay, here below are pictures of men working.

Mark and Brandon sanding the patrol box.

Eric testing his stencils on some scrap wood before leaving to go surfing. He did not tell me that he was coming down with a cold because he knew I would make him stay home.

Here is Brandon with his friend from Scouts painting the patrol box blue. Brandon got paint all over himself. We found paint on my car. Paint on the ground and paint covered paint brushes. The paint also got on Mark's shirt. It continued into the kitchen where they rinsed the paint brushes. Then it continued on into the bathroom where I found flexs of paint on the wall, sink, bathtub, etc.

Today, Eric decided to do the stenciling on the box. Here below are a couple of pictures of what he did (a little blurry, sorry). First picture is of the top of the box.

And here is the sides of the box. Again the picture came out a bit blurry. I think the boys did a pretty good job. Next they will be applying a poly coat to seal it. Currently I have all the cooking gear from this box taking up space in my kitchen. I will be glad when the box is dry and ready for gear.

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that was so sweet of them to put it up for you!!! gosh, i wish i had a paradise pool!!