Friday, September 18, 2009

Guy Stuff

I am over the achey part of my virus, but not out of the woods yet. Even so, I am up doing what a Mom does. And it finally became clear why the Lord wanted us to cancel our trip. Because my youngest son has come down with a cold. The boys were going to be staying with their grandparents, but since my father in-law is getting his treatments for cancer he cannot be around anyone that is sick. So it is a good thing we canceled.

Last night Mark and I went to Back to School Night. We had to split up and take one of our boys' schedules. I took Eric's. It was sort of fun going from class to class and taking down notes. We got the big scoop on what the boys are supposed to be doing. It was very helpful. Today was a minimum day, so I had to pick the boys up at lunch time. Brandon (my youngest) greeted me with a question, "Has the vice principal called you yet?" That isn't a question a mom wants hear. He explained to me that he got in a fight with a boy in his PE class. I finally got a call and the vice principal reassured me that my son was not the trouble maker (although we know he can I told her I am glad that it wasn't any worse than it was, which she agreed.

Well, my men have been up to lots of other stuff besides fighting. Below are pictures of them practicing their new found sport of archery. We have a range nearby our house. They have made some nice friends at the range and they have been giving them some pointers (small pun there) on how to shoot, etc.

Here is a picture of a patrol box. The boys load this with cooking gear when they go camping with the Boy Scouts. We have this in our garage right now because Brandon (who is leader of his patrol) wants to paint it. He asked his big brother to make stencils to decorate the box.

Here below are the stencils Eric made. He is artistically gifted. He found the images on the web and then cut them. Brandon's patrol is called The Vikings.

Tomorrow the sanding and painting begin. Eric is supposed to go surfing with a friend, but Brandon is having a friend from his patrol come over to help with the sanding and painting. I can't wait to see what it looks like when they are done!

Please check out my Hopes & Dreams blog when you can, it has a couple of new posts out there that I hope will uplift you.

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Sue said...

I am sorry that you are still feeling poorly. I will pray for you.

Bouncer was drooling over the bows. Very cool!