Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chit Chat

Today I got a special blessing. My husband came home weary of all the trials in his life and placed his hands on my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. He said I am worth it all. After working all day he always looks forward to coming home to see me. Then he wrapped me in his arms and hugged me for a long time.

I am thankful the boys had Monday off from school for Yom Kippur. It gave them an extra day to recover from the flu. I was not sure that Eric should go back on Tuesday, I worry about him since he has asthma, but he did just fine. Brandon still has head congestion & some coughing, but he is doing okay. Me? Well, I am still struggling, I have been coughing and I feel weak and achy yet. Even so I have been doing housework as best I can. My tummy is still having some issues. Thankfully, some of them are better, but others are still bothering me. I have been unsure if it is my usual tummy problems or the flu. Seemed like a combo for awhile and it was very uncomfortable.

The sad thing is that Mark is finally coming down sick. We were supposed to go on our weekend trip to the sea this Saturday. This is the last weekend that Mark's parents can watch the boys for us. Mark is determined to go, so we will see what happens. Besides that I got a report from the school regarding my youngest son. Seems he has not been doing his assignments. I tell you, there is never a dull moment at our house.


Susan said...

Becky, I am praying for you and the boys. I HATE being sick or having a sick child, ugh! Such a helpless feeling.
On the other hand, how incredibly sweet of your husband to say that! My husband would never say anything similar to that, so you be extra appreciative of yours!
Get better ...

fairmaiden said...

What a wonderful hubby. A hug from our beloved sure does go along way doesn't it?

My son has been struggling in adjusting to public school too. If he didn't love football so much he would return to homeschooling, so he says. I have loved being with him for a week while he's been sick. It helps to know he misses me, as much as I miss him. Try to stay on your sons side...the homework load is probably too much and he needs you to assure him in his efforts. Not many teachers are doing that, I'm finding out, and the ones that do, well they are the favorites of all the students. Bless you this week dear friend.