Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pain, Parties & Fever

Saturday was a hot day and that evening our house was an oven. Unfortunately, the flu claimed another member of our family that night, my youngest son. So both the boys were down with fever. Eric was at 101 and Brandon, 102. I mothered both of them as best I could with a terrible tummy ache. I woke them and made them drink every few hours. All the while, a loud party was going on next door. In case you don't know, loud music irritates me. Add to the mix that there has only been one quiet weekend without a party in our neighborhood and you can understand why. The boys being with fever slept through the racket, which made me wish I had a fever.

For awhile the music was turned down to a bearable level. Maybe another neighbor went over and complained Mark and I thought. It was during that time I was able to enjoy visiting a few blogs and pick out some new wallpaper for mine. As we waited for the party to end so we could get to sleep, we realized that the music had gotten louder; so loud that we could feel the vibration of it under our feet! I was about ready to jump out of my skin with irritation. Desperate for peace and quiet, I knew I had to leave the house. I declared to my husband that I was leaving to mail a letter. He was not sure that I should be mailing a letter at 10:30 PM, but he did not want to hear my long impassioned commentary on the evil of partying neighbors.

As I drove away I felt a great sense of relief. I mailed my letter at the deserted post office, but after that I did not feel like going home. So I parked somewhere safe, took out my trusty pink cell phone and called hubby. Bad news, the music was raging on with no end in sight. Knowing my city ordinances on loud music, I encouraged him to call the police. We ended our call and he made the dreaded call. As I laid in the backseat of the van trying to sleep, my cell phone rang. It was Mark with the grand news that the offending neighbors had turned the music off. It was ten minutes after midnight. I carefully made my way to the driver's seat of the van. As I drove home I passed by the bank that has one of the huge digital thermometers. It displayed a temp of 61 degrees and the car's thermometer displayed 69 degrees. I always wonder which one is right. Whatever, I was thankful to come home to a cooler and quieter house.


Susan said...

Becky, I hope you and boys are feeling better. Every ache and pain is going to be a bit scarier with this H1N1 stuff in the news.
I LOVE your new background, and I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I love the music on your blog also. It is so soothing!
I enjoyed your story about saving green stamps. I had heard about those, but don't remember them when I was little. It was a different time than now, that's for sure.

Candy said...

Hope your all feeling better now!

Sorry to hear about the neighbor issues....I can so relate...we have the same issues here with 3 boy roomates next door in their early 20's and their friends, dogs, big trucks, music, smoking, drinking, firepit, swearing....
Its hard to deal with thats for sure! said...

bummer!! living high up on a hill top, sound travels up here a lot. Summer weekends are a lot different than the still of winter. People come up to cabins and I can hear music (and conversations)!! Start praying for them and who knows what might happen!!

Becky said...

Susan: You are so sweet! Thank you for your compliments.

Candy: I am so sorry that you are having to endure noisy neighbor, believe me I know about it and can sympathize.

Outdoor Mom: Funny, but these neighbors are an answer to prayer. They are the quietest neighbors I have had in years. LOL

Sharon said...

I hope you all are feeling better by now!

I know how you feel about loud noises and dreading having to make that call to the police on your neighbors, but sometimes it just HAS to be done. You sure would think people would have more consideration!

fairmaiden said...

I cannot stand the loud music either. I think what is most irritating about it is just how rude they are being. Why is everyone so selfish, so inconsiderate of others these days? I don't hesitate to call right away, because it always takes the police a while to even respond. We had a neighbor whose daughter was in a band and they practiced in their garage everyday for 4 took me 6 months to get them shut down. Now our neighborhood is always quiet and peaceful. So, I understand and feel your pain. How are you guys feeling? My son is still very sick and weak. It is taking a long time to get well. He's missing this entire week of school and may have to miss two weeks of football.