Monday, August 24, 2009

A Tour of Old Town Orange

I love this house with its white picket fence.

The front door is gorgeous and notice the shades
& lace curtains in the upstairs window.

This house is across the street (from the house above).
I love the big front porch.

A close up of the front door.
Love the roses.

The owner has decorated the upper
balcony with bird houses.

I like the bright yellow door on this house.
It has beautiful big trees around the property.

Here is house with a wrap around porch.

Cute little teal cottage.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


fairmaiden said...

Oh yes, I enjoyed the tour.
What cute homes you have in your neighborhood and across the street.

Becky said...

Fairmaiden, I wish I lived in this neighborhood. I meant that the first house on the tour is across the street from the 2nd. Sorry. My sister lives near this neighborhood. said...

oh what a nice neighborhood!

Sharon said...

Such a cute neighborhood! I like looking at old houses that have been kept up nicely.

Also, congratulations on the new bike! :)

Susan said...

What beautiful houses! I have always thought it would be a dream to restore an older house - but my husband doesn't feel that way, so I don't think it's in the cars. Anyway, thank you for sharing them here. BTW - I so enjoy the childhood memories you share at my place. Loved your memories of your childhood crush and your getting mad at your teacher :)

CeramiquesDeCherie said...

Hi Becky. I was thinking of you today and thought to stop by and check in with you. Since your post is in creative mode, I am hoping you are doing well. I so much enjoy your perspective. God bless you dear.