Thursday, August 27, 2009


It is our last week of summer vacation and I had plans of living it up (so to speak), but it just hasn't happened. The weather took a turn to "hot" and that has us feeling sluggish, and I have gotten a few headaches. Hot weather is no fun at the cottage because we do not have central air nor a pool.

Well, in some ways this week has been fun for the boys. Eric found a baby lizard in our garage that he is keeping as a pet. Another pet (sigh). On top of that, the boys introduced me to some games on Facebook. To say the least, these games are addicting. The boys have been enjoying me being on these games with them and we talk about them. The good thing about the games is that they have me interacting with my sons on a new level. The bad thing is that they take up a lot of time and I really feel they draw me away from being spiritually minded. I want to rid myself of these games, but my sons want me to stay on them because they like me being out there. I found my niece is out there, one of my nephews and some friends. Once school starts the game playing is going to slow way down. So this dilemma will solve itself...I hope.

The other dilemma is my health situation. I am not really sure if I should go through with the colonoscopy on Sept. 10th. Whatever was hanging up my ability to eat and causing so much pain on my left side seems to have resolved itself. (Praise God!) Granted, it has only been a few weeks that the pain has been gone, but it has never been gone this long before. The right sided pain is quite strong at times, but it is just annoying more than anything. I do not think the right sided pain is worth having surgery for. With the way I feel right now, I am in a suitable position to wait for the Lord's return. I really cannot wait to slide into the new body I am going to get. It can't come soon enough for me.

A sure sign that I am in less pain is that I am spunkier. This morning the boys and I went for a bike ride. My new bike is fantastic! This time I did not get completely wiped out. It seems my old beach cruiser was just so hard to pedal it was giving me a double work out. Today I rode my new bike for miles. I did not even have to stop in the park to rest on the way home. I made it all the way without stopping! That really made me feel good. When I told Mark he said "You see, I told you it was your bike and not you." I am so thankful for my bike!


Chaos Cottage said...

Oh so glad you health is better. I don't do the games on Facebook. Dh enjoys a few though.


Sue said...

I am so glad that you are having less pain and able to enjoy the last week of vacation with your boys! What an answer to prayer. I will pray for God's wisdom regarding the colonoscopy.

Candy said...

Im not a fan of facebook so no comment there LOL
Im glad your enjoying your bike and feeling well enough to ride it, thats wonderful Becky!!! :):)
What a week I had... first, my computer crashed. Ive been using Robs but its VERY slow :) But he got mine back today after 7 days of being in the repair shop. Now Rob has to install everything which will take 3-4 hours or so.
Then we were all sick, the 3 of us, this past week with a bad cold. Were well now thankfully :) On top of that I had 2 very mean and hurtful comments left on my blog. Some people...just jealous and demon possessed is what Rob said LOL LOL

ANYWAY. Glad you are feeling ok and will keep you in prayer about your health and decisions..

candy :)