Sunday, August 16, 2009

Strawberry Croissants, Love & Blessings

Friday morning the boys and I took a bike ride over to a bakery called The Cream Pan in old town. They make awesome Strawberry Croissants (picture from Kat's Blog), which are filled with vanilla custard and decorated with slices of fresh strawberry. They were absolutely delicious and the boys and I inhaled them. Afterward, we biked our way back through big city streets, old fashion homes and kindly pedestrians to our little cottage. However, I had to stop in the park near our home to rest, I always get weak at the last little stretch. I stumbled off my bike toward a park bench and sat in the shade. While sitting there the boys got into one of their famous disputes. Eric took off for home since we were not far from it, he was hopping mad. Thankfully, Brandon stayed for awhile and then he rode off to look for his brother. So I just sat there in the shade enjoying the quiet. After a while Brandon came back and we rode toward home together. On the way, I saw Eric, who was coming back for me. It is always nice to know that my sons care about me.

Saturday morning was the planning meeting for the Boy Scout troop. Mark and the boys rode their bikes to the meeting which was at the other park near our friend's house. I was able to enjoy a nice quiet morning of rest. The first one home from the meeting was Brandon and he brought his friend Nick over. I was very happy to see Nick, we have not had Nick over for ages. His Mom never can seem to part with him, but today his Dad let him come for a short visit. It was fun to visit with Nick's Dad when he came to pick him up. He always has a smile. Later, we went to my niece's birthday party. She loved the scrapbook and I got lots of hugs from her. I am so glad that she liked it. Everyone else loved it too, I am thankful that I was able to touch everyone's hearts with my work.

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