Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quiet Day

Today I mostly hung around home working on my niece's scrapbook. Once I get started on projects like these I keep at them till I am done. I have to make myself take breaks and wrap up for the night. My niece's birthday is next weekend and I want to get her scrapbook done this week while there are no distractions. She picked the album out and I picked the picture.

My best girl friend called me today and we had a really nice chat. Then this evening Mark called. He will be with me Wednesday evening. I am planning on making a romantic dinner and some homemade Panna Cotta. Yum! Then I am going to have him watch that movie Sweet Land. I know he will like it.

I am enjoying the quiet, but it has been hard to relax due to headaches, tummy aches and/or hot weather. My ear specialist gave me some medicine. I did some research on it and ended up being too scared to take it. It is really strong stuff. I opted instead for the over the counter decongestant. It helped more this time than it did last time I took it. I need to take it for 5 days in a row to see if it makes a difference. On top of that, my tummy has been so uncomfortable that I decided to skip dinner tonight. Easy to do when there is no one is here.

Thursday I see my bowel doctor. I am expecting that all is well with the blood test and ultra-sound. I do not know what the next step will be. I am still having enough pain that eating is not fun. I have been seeking the Lord, but can't tell which way the wind is blowing. Lately, there are times where I feel a heavenly presence. Sometimes I feel an instense desire for heaven. With all that is going on in the world I feel hungry for God.


Susan said...

Becky, I need you at my place to motivate me on my scrapbooks. I love the finished product, but I procrastinate so much with them :( Yours looks so nice!
Praying for you to feel better ...

Sarah Dawn said...

Hungry for God, I completely understand. May He simply drench you in His love today.

Delighted to meet you.
Sarah Dawn

Becky said...

Hi Susan, I procrastinate on my own albums. I have one that I started a couple years ago and I have not finished it. I think doing my niece's book will help motivate me to finish mine.

Becky said...

Welcome Sarah Dawn! Nice to meet you. God bless!