Thursday, August 6, 2009


I washed my silk blouse the other day and hung it out on our plum tree to dry. I thought it looked pretty blowing in the breeze so I snapped off a picture.

Here is the Panna Cotta I made for my romantic dinner with Mark. I topped it with raspberries & blueberries mixed with some sugar. The pretty pink glass belonged to my grandmother. It is depression era glassware.

After our movie and Panna Cotta I went outside to water my garden in the cool night air. Love the feel of cold water on my bare feet in the summer. There was another full moon over the Little Blue Cottage.

This is a picture of my sunflower that I grew from a seed. This sunflower has felt like a present. I have been excited to see how it will look when it opens. I snapped off this picture at night because it looked so close to opening.

Surprise!! I opened my front door in the morning to find the flower! I have never seen a sunflower this color. Isn't it gorgeous?

P.S. I have decided to write about my health issues on a separate blog simply titled "Becky's Journal". There I have posted about my recent doctor appointment.

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that flower is lovely!