Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thoughts

Today I had to take Brandon to the orthodontist to get his braces. His appointment was scheduled for 7:20 AM! I waited quite awhile and was able to read a few magazine articles. One article was on observing the sabbath. I liked what the author of the article was trying to convey. She used the example of her great grandmother who rested on Sundays. Basically, the writer was trying to say that it is a good idea to take time out to rest during the week, even if it is only for a few hours. And also, that we should not feel guilty doing it. I like that! And I like that my husband is always telling me to take time out to rest, he is so good to me.

Another article I read was about a couple who adopted an orphan from Russia. He was diagnosed with RAD and ADHD, same as my boys. The couple in the article went through a very difficult patch in their marriage as a result of adopting this boy. As I read the article I understood the pressures they went through, the pain and hurt of it all. At the same time, I remembered the struggles Mark and I had. At times we still run into struggles, but the Lord has been very gracious to us. Reading that article made me realize how much the Lord has done for our family and how thankful I am.

Eric had a good time guarding the fireworks stand with his Dad. He came home and slept most of the day. The cute thing about Eric is that he could not sleep until I got back home from taking Brandon to the orthodontist. Once home, I sat in our recliner and Eric laid on the couch and fell asleep. Mark did not get to sleep, he had to go to work. So I packed up a picnic lunch and brought it down to Mark at his work. Brandon, Mark and I sat in the car which was parked in the shade and had a nice lunch together. A cool ocean breeze blew into the car as we enjoyed our lunch. I am so thankful to live near the sea.

Well, I better get into the kitchen and serve up some of that peach cobbler I made for dessert tonight. Wishing you all happy summer days and things to be thankful for.


jAne said...

So so so nice to read about your days, your family, living near the ocean, "lady" bird (ahem), picnics, nature centers, orthodontists and health. I'm praying for your health, Becky, sometimes often.

Love your new blog look - so pretty. :o)

jAne at tickleberry farm

Marie said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and the peach cobbler sounds mighty good!