Monday, July 6, 2009

Chit Chat

I had a very nice visit with my friend Sunday evening. It was cold and windy at the beach, but we did enjoy riding a surrey cycle similar to the one pictured above. It was a first for me. Afterward we had a BBQ and just enjoyed each others company. Finally the sun went down over the ocean and it was time to go home. My only regret was that I forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures. :-(

Been having a difficult patch with my tummy, so much pain and nausea. I finally had to take a dose of MOM (milk of magnesia). Today I had less pain, but it looks like I am going to need some fixing in there to set me right. On top of that my nose has been itchy, my allergies have kicked in for some reason.

This week is doctor appointment week. Tuesday, Eric has an appointment with his orthodontist and Mark has an appointment for his yearly physical. Wednesday the boys have their yearly physical. And then Thursday I see my bowel doctor. On the weekend the boys and I are planning to go on a trip with extended family.

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Susan said...

Hi Becky!
I hope you get good reports from the doctors this week. FUN getting to ride the surrey - I've seen those before, but have never ridden. BTW - loved your childhood memories you shared at my place. You are so creative! I love the idea of using a piece from Clue. I also remember paging thru various catalogs ... those were the days!