Sunday, June 7, 2009

Been Thinking

I love to write, but it is hard when there comes a flood of emotions. At those times it is best to be quiet and reflect. To sort out the mess. In untangling the emotions I came face to face with a verse of scripture after tripping over my slippers. It is written on a cross that hangs on the wall by my bed. A familiar verse, "In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path." Proverbs 3:6. Looking at that verse the Lord spoke to me very clearly. I realized that I have done what this verse says.

When I was in college I laid out a fleece about meeting the right man. When I wanted children I went to the Lord. Before I adopted my boys I went away by myself to pray. And before I had my surgery, I went on my knees in prayer. Staring at this verse, I realized He has directed my path. All this flood of emotion has been an attack of the enemy. I got hit, but not without good reason. It is an area that the Lord wants to work on.

Whatever your calling, remember… spiritual growth impacts our fruitfulness. The longer we’ve been believers, the greater our service should be. That does not mean tasks will be highly visible. Satan tries to convince people that some jobs are trivial. But the moment a believer falls for that lie, growth is stunted. God will promote those who put forth the best effort, no matter what the task is. ~Charles Stanley

The society that we live in does not respect the stay-at-home mother, but the Lord does. In His eyes my work here is important. When I work hard at the job He has given me, I please Him. There are days when I feel like giving up; that I am not able to make a difference. In those times I need to let go and let Him take over. I need not think on my feelings, but I do need to think of others'.

I remember the Lord speaking to me in the hospital when I had sepsis (which nearly killed me). He spoke to me through several people. I was chosen to stay, because my work is not finished. Because He wants me to take care of my family. This is His work for me, this is what He deems important.

NOTE: The picture above is of my boys when they were in elementary school.


Susan said...

How sweet are your boys!! I like your comment about negative emotions being (sometimes, at least) tools of the enemy. I tend to get pretty upset by my emotions, but like you, I just need to remember that they're JUST emotions and that God IS leading my path. May you feel that today - both in your emotions and in the nuts and bolts of your life! Thank you for the reminder!

jAne said...

((( you )))

I understand and I'm praying <><

jAne at tickleberry farm

fairmaiden said...

These are important things to think upon. You are correct in not letting the enemy cause you to think wrongfully of yourself. Abide in His wounded side, cling to Him and all that He says about you. It is good you are remembering His promises. Bless you dear one, this time will pass.

"The light shines in the darkness..." John 1