Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Good News

Saturday afternoon we received two letters in the mail letting us know that the boys were accepted at the high school. That happened fast. Everything about this process has happened so quickly. Both Mark and I have been amazed. The doors have opened to us so readily.

After the interview on Thursday, May 21st, the lady in the office gave the boys a paper that they needed each of their teachers to sign. Brandon took his Friday and got the job done. Eric on the other hand took his paper, but did not get it signed. This is a typical behavior for Eric and how his Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) affects him. He has talked as if he is excited about the change, but his behavior is saying otherwise. Ah, the truth finally comes out.

In one sense we are very happy that the boys have gotten into the high school. It is a very good high school to get into. On the other hand, with both the boys having RAD, we know that we are going to have our work cut out for us. Neither of the boys is good about change. Transitions are tough for them. Granted, any change is tough on a child, but even more so when you have RAD. Both boys will fall back with this change, which means they will fall back to some of their old behaviors that are not good behaviors. I know that the Lord will see us through as He always has.

There will be more opportunities for them at this high school and I think Eric especially needs the stimulation as he is quite bright. And thankfully, there are already some people there that they know. Home schooling has been a safe haven for both of them, both of them enjoy the comforts of home. I am hopeful that once adjusted, they will enjoy the opportunities a big high school as to offer and the challenges as well.

In other news, Brandon is now well from the virus that has been passed among us. He actually came down with it on Wednesday last week. I finally came down with the worst of it Saturday night and Eric this afternoon. So far Brandon is the only one that threw-up. I have had a queezy tummy, but it has not been very bad. The body aches have been the worst for me as well as Eric. Mark has the head congestion the worst. I am sad, that this year we missed our yearly Memorial Day activity of placing flags on the graves of soldiers. Sigh.

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Sue said...

I'm sorry to hear that you all have been having the tummy yuck too! Glad to hear the worst is over, though. I will be praying for your boys and the transition coming up. I have a niece that we think has RAD. It's too long of a story to write about here. I will pary for your boys as I pray for her.