Monday, May 11, 2009

Lady Bird Update

Lady Bird our English Sparrow came back to us on Saturday evening. I was relieved. Mark took this picture of her on my shoulder. You can see how much her feathers have grown in. She still has some baby feathers yet under her adult feathers. Mother's Day she was not a happy bird because she had to stay in her cage. We were in and out all day and did not have time to spoil her. When we got home at night we fed her and put her to bed. This morning she was very hungry. She was content to fly around the sunroom and play "catch me if you can" with our cat Dusty. She ate some seed and drank some water and then she was off to play outside. The boys and I have called her, but she has not come back yet. Play days always make me a bit nervous, wondering if I will see her again. I have fallen in love with this little bird. Her flying off makes me realize my own sons will be flying off someday. It brings tears to my eyes.

Okay, on to something else. I wanted to share some plates I recently bought for $1.99 a piece. They have scripture on them and I thought they would be perfect for our dining room.

Here is a close up shot. It is nice to have the word of God around us. This coming Thursday we will be picking up a sofa from my brother. His wife bought a new sofa and asked us if we would want their old sofa. It is only 5 years old and still in good condition. Since we need a new sofa, but cannot afford one right now, this works out perfectly for us. Especially since it is a color that will work for us. Our current hunter green monster will be replaced by a sleek off white sofa. I will take pictures when we get it. The only thing I am not looking forward to is moving the old sofa out and the new in. It is going to be a job with our tiny cottage, but I am sure we will manage.


Sue said...

I love the photo of your sweet little bird. Congratulations on the new (free!) sofa. I love it when God chooses to bless us in that way. It reminds me that He cares for our every need, large or small. How are you feeling lately? I'm continuing to pray!

Becky said...

Thanks for your comment Sue, it means so much to me. I am doing alright, still having some issues, but less pain. Thank you for your prayers. How is your sister doing?

jAne said...

What a find you found and for such an agreeable price! I really like how you've displayed them and I also like your paint color. Very pretty.