Friday, April 17, 2009

Thinking of my Friend

For the past couple of days I have been thinking of and praying for my friend who had surgery this past Wednesday, April 15th. This is a picture of her little cottage in Maine. She and I met because of Endometriosis. This disease has cost me my uterus, my cervix, my tubes, my ovaries, my appendix and my sigmoid colon. I was never able to bear children because of it and neither was my friend. Now what have I gotten in return? Well, I received my two beautiful sons through adoption. And I also received friendships with women across the country and in other countries. Some of them stayed just a while and others I am still friends with. The friend who had surgery this week has been my friend for about 10 years. We both have stubborn cases of endometriosis. One of the last times I talked to her, she expressed how scared she was to have surgery again and that she was afraid she would not wake up. I completely understood where she was coming from. I told her unfortunately we are not that lucky. We both had to laugh and we laughed hard. With endometriosis, life can be a curse because of all the pain and misery it causes. Even so, I think it helps us gals to appreciate the beauty of life in ways we would not normally.

So here is to my dear friend in Maine, who is a talented artist. Below is a picture of the lovely bubbling brook that makes its way through her property. She loves the sound of it.

As for me, I took my first pill of Danazol. I am supposed to take 3 a day. I am starting out slow with the pills because sometimes I do not take to medications very well. So far so good. Tomorrow I will take two and see how that goes.


Sue said...

I never realized that endometriosis could be so serious. My oldest sister had (has?) it, and was never able to have biological children either (she has one daughter by adoption). She is terrified of doctors, but she did have the surgery one time quite a while back. I guess that either took care of it, or she just doesn't talk about it (she doesn't talk about her health, because she doesn't want anyone to tell her to go to the doctor).

I also have two friends that had the surgery, but with no complications like you have, so I guess theirs wasn't as severe. I will continue to pray for you, dear Becky. Thanks for sharing about your friend in Maine. Isn't it neat how God brings people into our lives just when we need someone who understands what we are going through? I have had that experience many times with other mothers of special needs kids. God is good!

Candy-Faith said...

Her cottage is too cute :) I love the state of Maine, its so pretty there. I love California too :)

I hope the danazol works well for you.

love candy:)

Candy-Faith said...

I love your sidebar photos. Your cottage is so cute. And that pic of you is BEAUTIFUL in that pretty pink top. And your hair is so pretty too. I think you are lovely!

Are you english? Because I noticed in your "fav things" that you like milk and honey in your tea :):) I thought maybe thats an english thing and your family came from England?? (Im part English----and part Eskimo)

Becky said...

Sue, thank you for your comment. Are you speaking of Barbara or another sister? It can be very hard to get on with doctors so I understand your sister's feelings. Thank you for your prayers Sue. ((hugs))

Becky said...

Candy, thank you for your comments. You are going to spoil me with such lovely compliments. Yes, I am part English. I am also French, German and Scottish. My great grandmother (mom's side) is where I get the English. I have a necklace and matching ring of hers in my jewelry box. ((hugs))

Sue said...

Thank you for asking, Becky. The sister that had endometriosis is Colleen. I have three sisters (and one brother)! I also love my milk tea -- a habit I picked up here in Japan, oddly enough!