Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanks for Your Comments!

First I would like to thank my readers for their comments on the previous post regarding the Danazol. Your comments were very important to me and helped me in my decision to stop taking Danazol. Even though it did work on the pain, the side effects were not worth it. I would rather have my sanity and be in pain, then be loopy.

I have not taken it for the past two days and I am still having side effects so it is going to take awhile before it gets cleared out of my system. I began taking milk thistle today as the Danazol is metabolized by the liver and the milk thistle will help my liver recover. I am in no hurry to tell my doctor because I am not interested in trying any other drugs. I just want to recover from the bad reaction I had on the Danazol. I was hoping that Danazol and I would get on because it is the one hormonal treatment for endometriosis that does not cause bone loss. For me that is important because I already have bone loss. Not osteoporosis yet, but I am headed that way. The other drugs to try all cause bone loss so I am not eager to try them. I can see it now, I finally get the endometriosis taken care of only to end up dealing with my bones. I refuse to take any of the drugs for bone loss as I had already tried one and it did not go well with my digestive tract and frankly scared me. Besides which, I am sure the pain I am having is from endometriosis. I think the lessening of pain from my stopping hormones proves that enough.

In other news, my youngest son brought home a baby sparrow on Monday evening. He said he saw it fall from somewhere. So he picked it up and brought it home. Both boys searched for the nest, but they could not find it. They left the bird to call for the parents, but they never came. So we are taking care of this baby bird. It is the boys' job to feed it the insects it needs to survive. I have made up a little formula that I feed to her also. She seems to be doing fine. It makes me think when Jesus said that not one sparrow falls to the ground without the Father knowing about it.


Candy-Faith said...

Glad to hear you stopped taking it :)
That little is bird is cute.

fairmaiden said...

I thought of the same thing about Jesus' heart for us in the parable of the sparrow...and I think it came now to remind you that HE is with you, continue to trust Him by following your heart, HE knows more than us and HE is caring for you like HE promises with the sparrow.

That little sparrow fell from the sky for you from Him and as you care for it, HE is caring for you...So precious is HIS love.

I too always choose the path of no body is very sensative to them...I choose faith and natural alternatives...He is always faithful.