Friday, January 30, 2009

Warm Day

Here are my boys taking a break from their studies and having a popsicle in the backyard. With temps in the 80's a popsicle hits the spot. When I saw them, I just had to take their picture. It reminds me of when they were little.

This is our rabbit, her name is Bun. The boys got her from a neighbor almost 3 years ago now. It really has been fun to have a rabbit as a pet. She has a really good personality and she has been very loving. Below everyone is posing for a picture together.

Health-wise, I haven't been doing well. It all started with roast beef. Wednesday I went to the market and the fresh roast beef at the deli was $4.99 a pound. It looked and smelled so good, plus my son Eric wanted it. So I bought it. Thursday we made roast beef sandwiches for lunch. I made my sandwich and went light on the beef. It was delicious! In fact the beef was so good, Eric ate two sandwiches. Unfortunately for me, an hour after I ate my sandwich, my intestinal pain began and did not let up for hours. I was up till 2 AM with pain. This morning I woke up exhausted, but treated the boys to muffins at Paradise Cafe. The boys had fun, but eating those muffins caused me pain. Not as bad as the sandwich, but enough that I was uncomfortable. Even so, it was worth it to see the boys have fun. I skipped lunch because I did not want to endure the pain of another meal. The boys do not like it when I do that. I got hungry about 3:30 pm so I had an apple, so far so good. I am hungry for dinner, and we are having my favorite, Spinach Casserole. Wish me well!


fairmaiden said...

Oh thank you for posting the snow rose again. I got it saved this time. Thank you! Your boys and bunny look very happy. Wow, 80 degrees, now thats warm. I thought our 65 was warm. Beef is a difficult thing to digest, even if you do not have intestinal and digestive problems. I hope the spinach was better. When I was sick I couldn't eat very much, I probably only ate one meal a day total, but in small amounts not all at once. I couldn't eat much variety either because most foods did not digest well. I found white rice to be the easiest. For protein, grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast digested best and gave me energy. And steamed zuchini. I ate this almost every day for two years. I couldn't eat any whole grains. If I ate bread it was homemade white or french/sourdough. I could eat peanut butter in small amounts and bananas and apple or apple sauce. I hope this helps.

Candy-Faith said...

I cant take midol or anything with ibuprofin only tylenol. Otherwise I get severe stomach pain.
With foods...
I can not eat onions, garlic, corn, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, any whole grain breads or rice (can only eat white bread). They all give me severe stomach pain. Even certain meats I have to eat carefully and only in little amounts like turkey and roast beef and roast pork.

I eat very plain foods now.

candy :)

Please Lord heal my friend Becky.

Candy-Faith said...

can you let me know how bunnys are for pets? How often do you have to change their cage? do they bite? do they smell (dont like pee odor)
We recently tried getting a hamster...first pet. It didnt work out because the pee smell was so bad, we had to change the cage every-single-day!!!! sometimes twice a day because I cant stand the strong pee odor.
Roc was soooooo sad that we had to return the hamster. We all felt badly. He wanted a bunny but werent sure if we'd have similar issues.
If you could please let me know sometime would be great...when you feel rush!!!
hugs :)