Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CT Scan Results

Hey everyone, just an update on the scan. I do not even know where to begin. I will start with my doctor I guess. I go to a university medical center. My doctor is a professor, so he has student doctors that come in and talk to me first. Then he will come in and talk to me. Well, the student doctor came in and told me that everything with the CT scan was normal. He had the attitude that most doctors have: you are go home. I expected to hear that every thing was fine with the scan.

Okay, my doctor, he is really good at seeing things on CT scans. Even so, I did not expect to hear what he said, that he found a narrow section of my bowel in the area that I am complaining there is pain. He said it could be that it was just a contraction of my bowel, but if it is a narrow spot it will need to be repaired. I pretty much went into shock when he told me this and became dumb and I sat there stupidly. I just told him that I have been feeling better lately. He asked if I was all better and I hung my head and said "no" not yet. Since I told him I am feeling better he said he will consider it to be a contraction of my bowel. He said I do not need to come back only if I feel I need to. I kept thinking about what he said all day and night. I prayed seeking God's guidance. God tells me He loves me and He will take care of me. I am trying to rest in that, but I am having a lot of trouble. I keep looking at the waves and not my Lord.

I am having pain today so that has my emotions all worked up. After thinking for so long I came up with some questions. I called to see if I could talk to my doctor, but I met up with a big intimidating computerized phone barrier. After pushing a bunch of buttons and listening to recording after recording I gave up. I will have to schedule an appointment if I want to talk to him again. I am not sure how to handle the emotions I have.

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