Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harvest Blessings

These are my two harvest blessings. Even though these two boys of mine drive me nuts at times, I am also very blessed by them.

Something about having that intestinal blockage really took quite a lot out of me. Plus I came down with a bladder infection from the cath at the hospital. I have felt so ill that I had no desire to lift a finger for Halloween. I slept most of this past week away after being so tired from all that I endured. I did helped the boys figure out their costumes, but for the first time in their lives we did not buy pumpkins. And I did not bother with getting candy for the dear little children in the neighborhood. The boys went to their uncle's house for Trick or Treating and the big family birthday party for their grandfather. Mark took them over and then their auntie brought them home. I stayed home and rested.

Today, Mark took me out shopping, which I haven't been shopping in 3 weeks. I was able to hit two stores in one trip out. We went to Target for odds & ends and then the grocery store. It tired me out and I had to take a nap, but later in the evening I took a walk around the block. So doing very well, but still not able to do any heavy lifting, nor tackle the vacuuming. And I still do not seem to have the brain power to teach, which I need to get back to soon.

I am experiencing an overwhelming feeling of ickiness. Mark says it is quite normal to feel this way after all that I have been through. Right now I am distressed about the way my intestines feel. My colon is coming along alright, it is making good progress. However, my intestines are still moving slow which takes the joy out of eating. It doesn't take much food before I get full and when I do get full I tend to get a bit of reflux. I did not have this trouble before the surgery, so I am worried this is something that is going to stay. My doctor told me that I have to wait 6 weeks at which point things should be getting somewhat better, but it will be 3 months before I begin to feel normal. I pray that this intestinal condition is going to go away and I will return to the way I was before surgery otherwise I think I am going to regret reconnection. Mark reminds me that I need to give it time. I have never been good at being patient and I always worry I have made a wrong choice.

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