Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Crafting

Here is my kitty Dusty posing with my newly crafted sequin Christmas tree. I set up a little photo shoot for my tree and Dusty decided she wanted to get into the picture. Isn't she adorable? I have had Dusty since she was kitten and she loves to be where ever I am. I've been working on the tree since my 2nd homecoming from the hospital. I just finished it today. I was thinking of giving it as a gift, but I don't know yet (silly me). I have two others in storage that I made last year. One is green & white with a maroon colored bird on top. The other is white, silver and various colors (like Christmas tree lights) with a glittered silver poinsettia on top. This gold & red one will go nicely with my Christmas placemats.

To make the tree, I used a medium sized styrofoam cone, large and small sequins, straight pins and seed beads. First I put a seed bead on the pin, then a small sequin and then the large one. Then I just push it into the base of the styrofoam cone and keep going around till I am done. The straight pins come in boxes of 500 and I used one box plus nearly finished another box. It takes close to 1000 pins, sequins & beads in the making. Here is another picture of the tree below.

I tried to make a cute bow at the top, which the picture doesn't do much justice to it. Oh well, below is another picture of Dusty. I think she likes the tree. ;-D

I am planning on making another tree, but have not decided on the colors yet. When it is done I will share the photos. Making these trees is pretty boring, but it helps keep my hands busy while I recover from surgery. It always feels good to create something pretty. Happy crafting y'all!

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