Saturday, October 18, 2008


It is still warm here, but the evenings are cool enough to send a chill through the house. I was up early this morning due to some pain. My tummy bloated up real bad and it was hurting so I was walking around the house to try and get things moving. As I was grumbling in pain I noticed a chill in the morning air as a bit of breeze blew through the open kitchen window. I also noticed the clouds in the sky as well as our Birch tree in the backyard sporting bright yellow leaves. That helped me calm down as I waddled around the house waiting for the pain to let up, which it finally did. I was able to move something out and it just amazes me when it happens.

Ever since I have come home from the hospital, I have been hanging around in my jammies. Just been relaxing in the recliner, sometimes I doze off. I am still in too much discomfort to want to get dressed or do much of anything. My surgery pain level is decreasing, so I am needing less pain medicine to be comfortable. The medicine does not take all the pain away, such as the discomfort I feel in my bowels when I move them, or the pain in the incision when my tummy bloats. I am still waiting on my bowels to get back to normal which I am sure is going to take longer than I want. So far I have not had much trouble as far as control of my bowel as the doctor said I would (no accidents). That is a blessing. Well, enough blogging for now, it is time for my next dose of pain medicine.

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Sharon said...

I haven't been by to visit but you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad to see that you're home and able to get around. I pray you have a quick recovery!
{{gentle hugs}}