Friday, January 29, 2010


We received the ashes of our beloved Princess.  I set the urn on my vanity with a spray of pink roses and a figurine that resembles Princess.  The figurine was my Grandmother's.  As you can see Dusty is spending time with her friend.  We miss her.

3 comments: said...

hi Becky! i grieve with you. I had a german shepherd whom i loved very much. its been 3 or more years now and i still miss him.

Becky said...

Outdoor Mom, I am sorry for you loss. Thanks for coming along side and comforting me. You are so sweet.

Tell you something about my picture. I walked into my bedroom and there was Dusty on that stool. She has never sat there before, not until I put Princess' ashes there. When I saw her there I just had to snap off some photos.

Cherie said...

Becky I havent forgotten about you at all. Please forgive my lack of response. I have just been so under the weather. I havent missed one of your posts. You really are going through a season of letting go. Do you not think it began with Lady Bird? So interesting. I was thinking of Lady Bird as I was driving and saw the birds flying south. I wondered what happened to her and would she return to visit you? Love to you, Cherie