Monday, December 21, 2009


We filled out an application for renting a house today.  The house we applied for is down the hill from the 3000 sq. ft. house we looked at on Sunday.  It is a little brick house in excellent condition.  It is owned by a man in the military who is currently overseas.  The only problems with the house are that the one car garage looks too small for our mini van, there is no place for a dining table and the bedrooms are very small.  On top of that there is an apartment building in back of it.  Even so it had a lot of good qualities, plus it was affordable.

We decided the house on the hill was a little too expensive.  Mark called the owner for the 3000 sq. ft. house and  left a message telling him that we have to pass.  A while later we got a call from him and he lowered the price because he really likes us and wants us in the house. Mark and I talked over the pros and cons of each house. That pretty much made me a basket case because there are quirks about both.  We decided that it all boils down to us being afforded an opportunity of a lifetime, to be able to live in a home with a beautiful view.  The house is not perfect, but it is a family home and part of the history of the city of Golden.

I cried hard again today, I am so scared to move.  Tuesday afternoon we fly home to our Little Blue Cottage.  I am thankful that I get to come home for the holidays, but at the same time I am terribly sad.  Thanks to all who have been and are praying for us.  Your prayers are very much appreciated.


jAne said...

So, your new home will be the House on the Hill? :o) I'm praying you'll be wonderfully blessed, Becky. :o)

Bless you dearly,
jAne * tickleberry farm

Cherie said...

Good morning Dear Becky. I wish I had known you were here in Colorado, I would have allowed you to come and have dinner with the family. You will be ok. You will learn to love Colorado as it is truly a GRAND ADVENTURE! My prayers are still with you. Cherie

fairmaiden said...

I say go for the big home...God will provide, just as He has been all along. I think you need the view to cheer you while you are grieving. Trust Him.

Becky said...

Thank you ladies for your comments. The house on the hill is it! I should be jumping up & down for joy, the Lord is providing marvelously, but instead I am a nervous wreck.

Cherie, I would love to meet you and your family when we are settled in Golden. I look forward to it!