Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You and Staging Pictures

 Thank you to those who posted regarding my sweet Bun.  Your sympathies mean so much!!  Losing her makes everything seem unbearable right now.  She was so very sweet and loving.  Whenever I came in the backyard she would come running to me and circle my feet.  She was always so happy to see me and of course I her.  She would always shower me with kisses.  Having to let go of that is very hard. Thankfully, the boys being home and us working hard to get our house ready for showing was a great distraction.  Except in the late afternoon, when I visited Bun's hutch, it hurt really bad.  I just cannot do anything with her hutch right now.

I am posting some pictures of the house.  There is so much to do yet, but we are making progress. Tomorrow I will not be able to work on the house because I have to be at a physical therapy appointment at 7:45 a.m.  I may be able to stop at home for a few hours, but will have to leave again for another doctor appointment.  Planning on having lunch with Mark after that, then run over and pick the boys up from school.  We all will have to be working on the house in the evening and the guys will need to be packing their gear for camp too.  At least I have Friday to put the finishing touches on everything before our realtor comes.

This is a new chair I bought at World Market a week ago.  I got it $10 off the sale price because I bought the floor model, the last one they had.

Here is my dining room with a new rug.  After the picture I changed the plates on the wall to my Friendly Village ones.  It just makes it look a little more autumnish.

Here is the powder room with the new white baseboard and no wallpaper border.  It looks so fresh and clean.

 Just little touches here and there have been made which I hope will help.  Put up the soap dish on the wall all by myself.  A new switch plate helps make things look clean.


Here is the master bedroom all freshly painted and staged.  We haven't put anything on the walls, I .  With the new paint job and a little less furniture this room feel very spacious.


fairmaiden said...

I so understand you pain with the loss of Bun...and the cage...just wait till your ready. Our piggie was so personable and gave so much love to all of us. Thats why I still miss her.

Your cottage looks great! You have worked so hard. I will keep you in prayer on Friday.

Thank you for your friendship...your comment today on my Quiet blog made me feel so loved. You have such a gentle way that means so much to me.

Sue said...

It looks beautiful, Becky. Great job! said...

wow you have gotten a lot done!! No wonder why you're feeling taxed. I think you need a day off to relax and have some fun :-)

jAne said...

What a fresh outlook you've put on your home! It was pretty before but now there's an element of spaciousness. Very pretty. :o)

jAne at tickleberry farm

Candy♥ said...

Everything is beautiful!