Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family Day Trip Plus

Today we decided to take our annual trip up to Oak Glen to enjoy a day in the country.  At first our teenage boys were not so keen on the idea, but once they got up there they enjoyed themselves tremendously.  It was good to get away from all the stress that we have been feeling at home and enjoy ourselves out in nature and eat some delicious food.

Here are all my men in their cool shades.

The shades of autumn were gorgeous.

Once home it was back to stressville.  Later in the evening we got a call from our realtor who told us we have two offers on the house that are worth considering.  We had one earlier in the week that did not work.  So that makes three offers in one week!  We will be meeting with our realtor tomorrow.


jAne said...

Thank you for the glimpse of "the glen" as I used to it. :o)

jAne * tickleberry farm

fairmaiden said...

You've got some manly men there! And seeing this pic makes me think that you may just belong in CO. I think you will love the land...and the fresh mountain air will surely be health to your body Becky. I'm excited for you!