Sunday, November 8, 2009


Everyday, I try to do a little bit of work on the house.  As I was painting in the powder room Saturday morning, I noticed someone out front looking at our for sale sign.  After that person went on by, the boys said they saw another person looking at our house. I am glad that people are interested.

The work is going slow. Mark does not have a good attitude about doing the work. He did some painting Saturday morning also, we broke for lunch and afterward I took a short nap.  In the afternoon I did more painting while Mark watched football.  I went to check on his job, it needed a 2nd coat to look right. He flat out said he wasn't going to do it.  So rather than get angry, I picked up a paint brush and started painting while he and the boys went to the archery range.  By the time they got back I had the 2nd coat finished and then some.  After all that I made dinner and did some laundry.  Thankfully, Mark helped me with dinner.  While working in the kitchen together he said that he thought about me while at the archery range and knows that he is very blessed.

The other day I was thinking how the Lord directed us to put the boys in public school.  Now I know why.  There is no way that I could be home schooling the boys right now with all that is going on and is going to go on. Plus having them in public school has made it easier for me to schedule my PT appointments.  As for the boys, some aspects of public school have been good for them.  Like PE, they are both loving all the sports.  Then other aspects not so good, such as the morality stuff.  Right now my oldest son is more intent on having a girlfriend than studying.  For awhile he was hooked up with a gal and they were talking on the phone for hours.  Then all the sudden they split up and he reconnected with his girlfriend from elementary school.  So now she calls our house several times a day. Mark and I have counseled Eric, but being a headstrong individual, our counsel is met with rolling eyes. His reasoning is that if other kids can be in relationships why can't he? At least our son is obedient in that he does not go off behind our backs.  Praise God!


fairmaiden said...

Going through similar teen challenges in my home. Prayer is what helps me. Keeps me gentle, understanding, and compassionate with them. said...

wow. i think when we perceive our kids are being left out of something, we're automatically taking it personal and getting mad. Really, teens can be so selfish, but we've all been there.
May God give you grace and wisdom.

I can see why your husband doesn't feel like doing much. My husband didn't feel real motivated when we moved. Keep using your faith and standing on God's word :-) Glad you handled the situation so well. The archery range was probably just what he needed.

Becky said...

Fairmaiden, thank you so much for your words. They are comforting.

Outdoor Mom, thank you for sharing about your husband. Very comforting words.