Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boys Are Home

It was nice to have some peace and quiet over the weekend; even so, Mark and I are happy to have our boys home again. They had a great time at camp, but were happy to be home. When we came to pick them up at the church they happily came to greet us and they gave me hugs. After they got all their gear put away we piled in the car and went to In & Out Burger. At home the boys got showers and presented me with their dirty laundry. After that we all relaxed and took naps as needed. In between napping and doing chores the boys and I worked on this jigsaw puzzle above. A few years ago I started a tradition of working on jigsaw puzzles. I start one either in the summer and/or autumn. As you can see this puzzle is almost done.

In other news my tummy has been acting up with pain again. I have been uncomfortable and irritable today. I finally got an appointment to begin physical therapy on Oct. 30th. We will see if that does anything. The way I feel today, I don't think it is going to help much, but I pray it does.


Susan said...

Ahh, I like the jigsaw puzzle! I have not done one in years; I should put one out.

Will continue praying about your health - I wonder if in CO you might find some answers you have been missing here? Maybe it's all part of God's leading.

It's so hard to see kids struggle with grades (at least it is for me). I over-personalize everything and feel like it's ME getting the grades and not the kids. Not good, I know. You seem to have a really healthy perspective on that.

I hope it's a good week at the little blue cottage!

Becky said...

Susan, you and I are kindred spirits regarding the grades. I am trying to leave it all in the Lord's capable hands, otherwise my boys are going to drive me insane. LOL