Wednesday, September 23, 2009

His Loving-Kindness

It is the middle of the week. We are halfway through. Whew! Yesterday was a rough day. I woke up worse than the day before, my voice set itself to whisper. I did not do much, but then the drama began when I picked the boys up from school. I showed up a little late and even then the boys were dragging. I became impatient knowing we were late to an orthodontist appointment. They brought a friend along that needed a ride. I obliged. He was kind enough to have me let him off at a spot nearby his home, not off my course. We got to the appointment late, of course. After enjoying a chat with Eric and reading recipes in a magazine the tech appeared with Brandon. They grade the kids on their teeth brushing and Brandon got a D. That is bad because not too long ago he got his teeth cleaned at the dentist. Sigh. Now either Mark or I has to sit in the bathroom and make sure he brushes his teeth!

That was not the only drama that went down. We learned about another encounter with the principal due to another fight. Undone homework assignments, lousy test scores, but praise God, a found book! Then the cherry on top was my that my oldest son has to write an essay about a member of the family. He chose me as his subject. What he wrote needs some work, but what he chose to write meant a lot. I tend to think my work at home does not amount to much and that I am not making an impact, but the Lord let me know otherwise.


Cherie said...

Becky, You have become a dear online friend to me. I know all too well the day you had and how the love of our family can pick you up and give you wings. You are important to MANY people. Much love to you Becky.

Becky said...

Dearest Cherie, what a blessing you are! You have become a cherished blog friend as well. ((Hugs)) said...

cool that your kid decided to write about you :-) that must have been so encouraging!! i love it when my kids give me some kind of positive feedback!!

take the rest in stride!! boys will be boys ;-)