Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunflower Update

Here is my sunflower that opened a few days ago. It has changed color a bit. It has a touch of golden to it now. Below is a picture of the back side of the flower revealing streaks of yellow.

Below is a nearly full length picture. Another flower has opened on the other side. I just love watching this plant grow, it is such a blessing to me.

On a sad note, I think that my little Gentleman Bird met with an unfortunate event. It has been weeks and he has not come at all, which is not like him. I miss him so much, he brought such joy to me. All his friends still come. They sit in the plum tree waiting on me to put bird seed out for them. I wish I could have kept my bird. I have the memory of our last visit. I remember he was so happy to see me he flew from the tree right into the patio and and landed on my head. He loved my hair. I remember I fed him and then he took a nap in the tree with me standing close by, after awhile he flew off. I've not seen him since.


Rachel Smith said...

The color of the sunflower is beautiful! I hope that your bird friend does return or that you make a new one.

jAne said...

What a rich, vibrant shade of red! I planted sunflower seeds but they didn't take. Must have been a bad batch I figure. sigh sigh sigh. Enjoy your flower for me, okay? :o)

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