Thursday, August 20, 2009

I don't want to do anything else.

I am starting this post out with a heavy sigh. It has been a busy week and there is so much to tell. I waded through all the paperwork and then through the lines at the school to get everything turned in, paid for and worked out so the boys are registered. We got Eric's schedule on Wednesday. Thursday we got Brandon's schedule. I started comparing the two schedules and realized that Eric's was not right. So we had to go back over to the school and get things straightened out which took awhile. We walked around campus finding classrooms. We found their lockers and after struggling with trying to open them we finally asked someone. All in all, I am excited for the boys because there are so many good things available to them at this school. And I feel that the school is great because there are so many helpful and friendly people there. Its a new beginning.

However, there was one point in the week I felt overwhelmed. We had gotten back from being at the school and we needed to get some lunch. I had forgotten to feed the cats in the morning because I was so rushed to get over to the school. So I went into the kitchen and opened a can of cat food. I threw the lid in the trash and then started messing with the trash bag when the bag broke. At the same time the spoon I had stuck in the catfood fell out on to the floor and Princess was so hungry she went over and started licking the spoon. As I was trying to work with the trash Eric yelled at me from the sunroom, "Hey Mom, come look at this!". I admit, I was grumpy as piles of laundry and dishes as well as school business weighed on my mind. In desperation I yelled out "Eric, I am busy working, can you hold on!" Then I just started laughing, it just all seemed so comical to me. All this stuff going on and there I am doing the best I can for the moment. And to think, all I wanted to be was a MOM. I really do not think I knew what I was getting into, but you know, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

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jAne said...

Wow. Those days remind me of the book: "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" whew!