Monday, August 10, 2009

Girlie Stuff

Here are a couple of recent purchases I made. I happened on these skorts for $7.00 a piece. Name brand "Lizwear". They fit perfect and so comfortable.

I have been looking for a white purse for months, but unable to find one that suits my taste. Then I happened on this leather purse, which is cream colored. It was marked down to $17.00 . Brand name is "Aurielle". I used it for the first time yesterday and love it! Isn't the little heart cute?


Susan said...

Such cute stuff!! You know, since I had my kids (and they are now 8,10,12) I just have not been "into" shopping for myself, although prior to that I loved it. Your post inspires me ... maybe once school starts, I'll take an afternoon and treat myself :)

Becky said...

Hi Susan, yes do treat yourself! Living with 3 men I feel a real need to be girlie.