Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spiritual Battle

On the way home from our trip to Las Vegas, I was thinking about blogging and wondering what I should title this post. I decided on the above title because although it was a vacation, there was something spiritual going on. Las Vegas is filled with glitz, glamour and wealth, but that is a distraction from the real issue. As we drove out of Vegas I saw one billboard that said "The only way to God is through Jesus" and it sited John 3:16.

I was invited to Vegas to vacation with family that has not given their life to Christ. They thought I would not come, but I did. I wanted to show them that I love them in hopes they will see God loves them. My presence did make them have feelings even though I did not say anything. It was my actions, I did not drink, I did not gamble. At times I felt a strong separation between us, but we managed to enjoy each others company. We did a lot of walking and I got heat rash on my legs and one leg swelled a bit. But in the process I learned a little more about my family so that I can pray for them.

Not only that, it was a big learning experience for my boys. Their uncle told them that Las Vegas is an exciting place so they wanted to go. Now they have been and know what it is about. Some of it was beautiful, some of it was fun and other parts were disturbing. To be honest, I felt like a bad mother letting my boys be exposed to Vegas, but I was proud when they chose the light rather than darkness. As I told them, life is filled with temptations no matter where we are. And there are some places that offer more temptation than others. Anything gained through temptation does not last, it quickly fades and then temptation begins again. The only thing worth having in this life is salvation through our Lord Jesus. It is the only thing that truly satisfies.

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