Friday, July 17, 2009


Here is another picture of us from our recent trip to Las Vegas. I had a good time with my sons.

Today, my son Eric did a good turn, that made me so proud. We were at the grocery store. There was a cute blond haired little boy who was about 2 or 3 in the store with his mom. We were at the check out when this cute boy came up to me asking for a balloon. The store gives out balloons to little ones for free. Anyway, he had to go ask the proper person and finally did so. He got a shiny blue balloon. He was told to hang on tight to his balloon. Well, we followed them out to the parking lot and found we were parked right across from each other. All the sudden the little boy let go of his balloon, he watched it float upward and then he began to cry. My son Eric ran back into the grocery store and got the boy another balloon and brought it to him.

My Brandon is a helper as well. When I had a bit of sadness today, he was by my side trying to help me. What blessing my sons are to me.

My father in-law made it through his procedure to remove his kidney stone. They got it out, PTL! He is resting comfortably and is doing much better after this procedure than the one he had in AZ. So many thanks to those of you who prayed! Hopefully in two weeks he will be strong enough to begin the proton therapy for his cancer.


Chaos Cottage said...

Hi Becky. Just stopping by to say hi. I posted a really yummy recipe on my blog today. Hope you have a day today where you feel better.


CeramiquesDeCherie said...

Becky I am so glad you are back and had a great trip. Bless those teens when they open their hearts. It makes it all worth it and fills you to over flowing. Much love to you. I am moving so might be unavailable for a bit.

jAne said...

Truly blessings from God when we see our children show kindness toward others, hm? :o)


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