Friday, May 29, 2009

For the Weekend

You may exclaim..."What in the world?" Yes, that is what I said when I saw these on top of the roof at the school. The boys and I pulled in to see the lunch tables stacked in a pyramid, balloons all over and these broken toilets with balloons tied on to them sitting on the corners of the patio roof where the lunch tables go. (A close look at the picture and you will see thin red ribbon on the handle). It was Senior Ditch Day and the seniors caused mischief! The boys were excited, their faces lit up. Okay, mine did too. LOL I went home to get my camera (something told me I should bring it along), but to my disappointment the mess was cleaned up, so I was only able to get this shot. I know the boys would have loved it if I had gotten a picture of the scene.

This morning the boys and I sat on the couch before school. We sat close and I said "Lets talk about feelings." Brandon went first and he said "I don't want you to go." Eric spoke and said "I don't want you to go either." Then I said "I don't want to go." And we all burst out laughing. It is the first time in many years that I am going away on a trip by myself. Granted it isn't very long and for that we are thankful. Even though my boys drive me nuts and I drive them nuts, we love each other.

I was driving around town this morning running errands thinking how I would love to declutter my section of the world. I will take laundry & ironing to driving in traffic any day. The traffic here is so stressful. And there are so many buildings, so much concrete. In amongst all of it, I can find beauty. Here are some pictures.

These are the Jacaranda trees blooming in our neighborhood.
A canopy of purple!
And the fallen flowers create a carpet of purple.

My neighbor's garden, I love her little statue of a fairy.

This is my next door neighbor's gardenia bush.
Oh, the smell is so heavenly!

We all need an oasis from all the stresses of life.
God sends them everyday if we look for them.
Enjoy yours this weekend and thank Him.

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