Friday, May 1, 2009

Bird Flew

Sorry, for my little play on words. Yes, this is Lady Bird sitting on my back. She has adopted me as her mom. She is quite the teenage bird now. She is starting to peck at some seed, but still eating mostly bugs. When she eats more seed than bugs she will be ready to fly away. For now she is content to fly around our sunroom. She always lands on me and cheeps in my ear (ow!) wanting me to feed her or give her a drink. Have you ever seen those birds following their bird parents around, flapping their wings and cheeping? Well, that is what Lady Bird does to me. If I don't do what she wants she gets a bit of temper and nips me. Typical teen, eh? ;-) She is much bigger and healthier than when she first arrived.

As for my health, I really have not wanted to talk much about it although I am having issues. I have been staying off hormones and been dealing with menopausal symptoms. In one sense the pain has lessened in another, it has not. It is very hard to explain, but I think the scar tissue pain has not changed. There is something with the intestine that is hung up. Digesting food causes my tummy to bloat up a bit and I can feel some kind of restriction or pulling. It is very uncomfortable and very odd. Lately, it has been happening a lot and there is nothing I can do to make it stop.

Soon I will be speaking to my endometriosis specialist. I will of course let him know that the Danazol did not work for me. Either I will go on Arimidex or I will try taking hormones and see if the pain increases. In my mind, I just want someone to get a laparoscope and look inside, because quite frankly, I am very tired of feeling lousy.


CeramiquesDeCherie said...

That is so cool!

fairmaiden said...

how nice to see that your lady bird is thriving. I'm sorry you are suffering. I hope they don't keep trying to give you medicine though, sounds like you need some scar tissue removed or whatever is blocking your digestion.

"The Othermother" said...

Hello friend,
I too have had little lost critters more then once in my life. I am called othermother. I love your blog, I sit here thinking, I need to tell her she is going to be ok. God does wonders way more then what we can see with "our own eyes". Sometimes HE uses the mouths of ours, people that are unknow to us, to remind us..HE is there, right by your side
God is good and He can change everything..You take care...God bless,