Monday, April 13, 2009

Morning Outing

The boys walking at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

The Koi pond stepping stones.

The beautiful Koi.

Inside part of the mall, looking down on a water fountain.

Flowers in the sitting area.

Looking at the small garden and on to the ocean beyond.

Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic store in Newport Beach.

Beautiful rolls of fabric.

These lamps are gorgeous!

Pretty waste tins.

Love this pink chair.

These dishes are very pretty.

I woke up this morning not feeling tip-top, but thinking this week is vacation and I want to get out. I have been feeling unwell for weeks now, so decided to just do whatever it is I want despite it all. The boys and I made a stop at our favorite Starbucks where I got a chai latte (haven't had one in so long) and then headed out to Newport Beach. I wanted to see the Shabby Chic store one more time before it closes. I love all the beautiful items, but even on sale I cannot afford the price. Sigh. The boys and I enjoyed Barnes & Noble for awhile before we walked out to the viewing garden to see the ocean. It is a beautiful day.

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Candy-Faith said...

I cant believe that when we were in California last October and we went to Newport Beach, that there was a Shabby Chic store there that I had no idea about. I could cry right now!!!! LOL :)
I have liked Rachel Ashwell and Shabby Chic eevr since it came out more than 10 years ago. WHen I first saw her decor, I finally had a name to put to my type of decorating style. I always wanted to see her store. I guess I will never get to see her store now that they are all closing or closed...
Thank you for showing these photos :)

Hope today turns out to be a good day for you health wise and that you feel well.