Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

This is an Easter present from Mark, that was waiting for me when I got home from running around town vainly searching for Easter grass. What a blessing it was to come home to these!

Yes, I went to four stores and none of them had any Easter grass at all. I wonder what is happening in the world? I kept putting off getting grass because I thought I had some stored away. Well, when I could not find it I went to the crowded stores. I ended up buying the expensive paper shreds just so I would have something.

Today has been a good day for eating. The endometriosis has settled down and I have been able to eat without dire pain. Yeah! But on the other hand I have been off of the hormones for over a month now and the symptoms of menopause have set in. My back aches, I am having hot flashes, mental fogginess, etc. Sometimes before a hot flash I have a bit of anxiety set in. It is a horrible feeling, but doesn't last long, just lets me know a hot flash is on its way. When I was taking hormones for awhile I felt so alive, it was nice.

It has been a busy day preparing for Easter dinner at our house. Lots of cleaning to do, which the boys helped with. Also, got the ham and got what we need to make sour cream coleslaw and baked corn. My family members are bringing the rest of the meal. Speaking of family we got a call from Mark's father (who lives in Arizona) that did not bear good news. My father in-law has cancer. They have caught it early, so he has that going for him. He has talked to friends and been told about a clinic here in California near us that is very good. At times like these I do wish that our modest cottage was not so little, but we will find a way. Also, my mother in-law is going to be having knee replacement surgery next month. I have not heard any more news regarding my uncle, but I will find out tomorrow.

Well, I would love to chat some more, but I have pineapple muffins to bake and Easter eggs to color with the boys (they still love to do it at their age) and then I have baskets to fill and eggs to hide. I'm a busy mom and I love it!

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