Monday, March 23, 2009

On the Menu

Today I am practicing the art of thrifty cooking.

Pinto beans with bacon
Jiffy corn muffins
Spinach Delish

For dessert:
Banana pudding & whipped cream

The latest update is that the boys have been driving me nuts with their antics. This weekend they are going to Camporee where they will be competing with other troops at various events. My oldest son is an expert at knots and lashings. He can do all kinds of fun stuff. Here is a picture of something he did today.

A neighbor cut down a couple of trees and she said that my son could have some of the branches. Of course he took them and got rope from the garage to make this little stretcher.

On another note, I am sending a copy of the tests I recently went through up to my endo doctor. After enduring yet another bout of horrible pain, I have written a letter stating that I want surgery. As for the endoscopy, I have not heard a peep. We put in a call to my bowel doctor, but did not get anywhere. If I don't get the scope I am not going to be too disappointed as I am sick of all these scans and tests. And I will be seeing my bowel doctor in April and I'll just tell him they never called. And I will be telling him that I am ready to have someone take a look inside.


Candy-Faith said...

I LOVE that stretcher that your son made! How neat is that!! He is very talented!
I will continue to keep you in prayer.


Sue said...

Oh my! That looks like some good comfort food. Proof that thrifty doesn't have to be "cheap"! I'm continuing to pray.

fairmaiden said...

Your new spring look for your blog is cheerful and pretty.

Becky said...

Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. Hugs!

Rachel Smith said...

The banana pudding looks delicious!! I need a good recipe. Can you send me yours?

Becky said...

Rachel, I am sorry to mislead you with the picture that I got off the web. I wish that really was my banana pudding. I use an organic box pudding mix put out by Dr. Oetker, it is the best! Go to